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  • Client
  • Walgreens
  • Date
  • Summer, 2012
  • Agency
  • Role
  • Packaging Designer
For about 6 months I was on a team of seven graphic designers and thirty-plus other team members, all tasked with updating Walgreens’ confusing and inconsistent packaging design with a new, easier-to-understand graphic system. Together with some of the best project managers and production designers I’ve ever worked with, we redesigned roughly 2,000 Walgreen product packages spanning the course of a summer. During this time, I helped in the creation of packaging for a great range of products. Children’s liquid cough medicine, bandages, ibuprofen, sunscreen, pregnancy tests, tooth brushes and adult diapers just to name some that are top of mind.
The work we did was applied to almost every imaginable printing-surface you can buy off a shelf. We utilized more printing techniques than I was even aware existed. By the end we had implemented a robust and consistent experience that can be clearly identified on the shelf, is easy to extract necessary information from, and brought a little cheer to the more uninspiring of shelves in your favorite go-to pharmacy.