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  • Client
  • UltiMed
  • Date
  • 2015
  • Agency
  • Wyatt Office of Design
  • Role
  • Creative Lead, Client Contact

Speaking as a diabetic, UltiMed makes about the best damn syringe money can buy. When they introduced a 3mL Safety Syringe, they relied on me to create a packaging system that is affordable to produce, easy to decipher for an end user, FDA-compliant and also looks simply great.

About the product: 3mL syringes aren’t simply diabetic syringes. These things are much larger: In the length and gauge of the needle as well as the capacity of the syringe. They’re ideal for medical care facilities like hospitals and nursing homes where a physician will draw a dose of medicine for a patient in a lab setting and then have a nurse carry the loaded syringe to a patient’s room. Naturally, the transportation of a dosed syringe poses a risk: A nurse might get accidentally stuck. An exposed needle might come into contact with a contaminant. UltiMed remedied this concern by introducing this product, which includes a sterile plastic sheath that covers the needle while in transit mitigating the risk of accidental sticks or contamination. After administering the dose to a patient, the nurse can then draw the sheath up once more, locking it permanently into place to help drastically reduce the possibility of an accidental stick after use.

About the design strategy: Working in a medical care facility isn’t easy. The less these clinicians and nurses need to worry about, the better the care they’ll be able to provide to their patients. When a clinician chooses a syringe to administer a dose the first point on the decision tree is to find the correct gauge. So to help these care-givers, we coded the packaging by associating the needle gauge with a spot color. Example: All 21g needles are green. All 23g needles are blue. Soon after using this product a clinician should be able to intuitively know this association. They will shift from needing to search their storage containers for a 23g syringe, to simply needing to search for a blue syringe. This color-matching is carried throughout the packaging system: The box labels have a Pantone spot color, as do the blister packs the individual syringes are wrapped in, and even the base of the needle itself has a matching color. Because of this, an observant care-giver should never be unsure about the gauge of the needle they are working with. Additionally, to reduce the expense of printing we applied to all boxes an uniform 1-color design and then utilized a CMYK+Spot label to specify the contents of a particular box. This creates an easy design system that allows care-givers the ability to quickly grab what they need while allowing UltiMed an easy way to introduce product line-extensions in the future without having to rework the system.