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  • Project Title
  • Project Role
  • Marvin Windows Product Catalog
  • Design and Art Direction
  • Date
  • Print Method
  • December 2011
  • Offset

At the launch of this project my Creative Director called Marvin Windows “the cadillac of all windows”. I chuckled initially but it didn’t take long for me to see it myself: Marvin really makes some fantastic products. Partnered with writer Joe Stefanson, we presented to Marvin four conceptual, ascetic directions for the catalog. After selecting the direction you see below, we flushed it out fully, and polished every last detail. For the cover, we brought in award winning photographer Chad Holder to shoot the home you see.
The end result is a catalog that I believe lives up to the same quality products Marvin offers. The actual catalog is available through Marvin.com or any Marvin dealer. It’s heafty, at over 300 pages. While the team at Martin Williams updated or redesigned everything except the spec sheets, I’ve omitted all that because it was not where I was focused. The initial 12 pages and cover, introducing the brand and the products—that was my responsibility, from conception to completion.