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“This site is static! What’s the deal Kyle?”

As a student I would attend lectures at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I’d sit there and listen to real pros talk about their work. But their logic never really connected for me. They’d describe a creative problem, and then flip to the next slide and begin explaining the jaw-droppingly beautiful solution they conceived. Honestly, I never understood how they got to their solutions. Seriously, I remember specifically thinking “How the hell did Stefan Sagmeister go from doodles in a notebook to photographing tubing in a swimming pool?” To this student, these professionals seemed to intellectually be on another level. It felt like their level of articulation and creative execution could only be achieved by nothing less than enlightenment. This excited me to no end.

This excited me to no end. It all seemed like magic. I thought about how thrilling it’d be to someday talk to a group of students and make them ponder over the source of my creative genius. That was only three years ago. I’ve rewatched some of these lectures and solutions that once seemed brilliant and original now seem obvious and merely rational. I’m still the same person that watched the pros in bewilderment. I’m still learning. I’ve not transcended nor have I reached graphic design enlightenment. I expected to climb a mountain but all I really needed was to take a step forward. Now I’m not saying I’m a great designer, I have a long way to go. What I’m saying is that it took little time to realize my misconceptions. The measure between amateur and expert is time, not distance.

Recently… (12.14.2011)

2011 has been a whirlwind of a year. Two internships. My first job. My sister became the first person in my family to receive her Phd. I married my high school sweetheart. We can see the spot where we got engaged from the windows in our new apartment. Our two dogs joined the family and they sleep at my feet as I write. My first living Christmas tree. One hell of a year. So with 2012 fast approaching I’ve decided to turn back to this site; it’s been so neglected over the past year. I’ll be changing some things, adding new projects, and removing the ones that are too hard to look at. If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll announce new content as it goes up. There is one specific change I should address though: Writing.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t written anything. Trust me, I’ve noticed. I’ve always advocated simply writing things down. It forces us to confront our thoughts more objectively. Often our ideas aren’t as profound after they’ve gone through the strainer of interpretation. Writing allows us to avoid the embarrassment of moments when our thoughts, loosely conceived and poorly articulated, leave our mouths for the first time and fall on the scrutinizing ears of our peers. Now, the truth is I’ve kept most writings to myself. Mostly because the topics I reflect on are often sufficiently covered by other writers and bloggers. I’m considering how this effects my blog and will adapt the sections on writings soon.