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  • October, 2013
This is the second event I helped promote for Nathan Bird. Unlike A Summer Night Romance, Above the World So High was developed for Children and Families with small children. The concert is also more experimental, involving a lot of audience interaction and activities as well as live feeds from people all over the globe. When Nathan asked me to make the poster, the main point that he wanted communicated was this: Above the World So High is a concert about children and parents and how they connect through Lullabies in all cultures on Earth.
For deliverables we kept it pretty basic, because timing was the key driver. One poster design, one postcard design and an Facebook event header became the final products. To help Nathan with tracking effectiveness of his posters and postcards, I directed the QR Code through bitly.com, which tracks clicks. Since the bitly link was only used for the QR code we could track exactly how many people scanned the code at no additional cost to the client.