I'm building a brand new site to embrace some brand new opportunities. Check back in, in the coming weeks!

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Mike Monteiro


“This site is static! What’s the deal Kyle?”

Yeah, I get it, and frankly I’m a bit embarrassed. Just a few years ago when you opened a browser on your phone and discovered a website was responsive you felt like you were given a treat. “Hey look at this! Nice.” Today is a much different story. I wouldn’t even consider building a unresponsive website for a client unless they has a justifiable reason. That option isn’t even negotiable. Now, the days of a responsive website being a “perk” are long gone. Having a static website today is nothing less than a detriment. So here is the deal: This website has long lived past its prime. It’s nearly six years old; designed when I was still a college student. It runs on WordPress. In short: It’s no longer an accurate representation of my skills.
It must come down. I’m building a new site, and I’m doing it properly: I’m treating it like I would treat a client. I’m giving it time. I’m being liberal with my considerations. I’m exploring many paths to determine which will lead me to my goal most poignantly. Unlike a client project though, I’m not getting paid for this work and so it often takes a backseat to more pressing concerns: The needs of my clients, my time with the AIGA, teaching at Bethel University. So I ask you, for now please try to see past the flaws of this dilapidated site. A new fully-responsive, well-considered, well-written, hand-coded website is coming. But until that is ready, I simply have to make due with what I have: this.